ⓒ 2011 - 2021

I work as an audiovisual artist, composer, dj and producer of multidisciplinary experiences. In my output I aim to encourage different listening to and thinking about the world as we know it.

As a maker, I’m a hybrid between detective and hunter, where I tend to maneuver myself into phenomenological research on sound and sonic perception. The world is more interesting when allowing space for magic realism and wild what-if questions! I enjoy flirting with speculative, ritual and pseudo-scientific ingredients in subject matter scoped between fuckin large (nationwide sonic performance) or very tiny (sound for imagination).

At the moment I am working as Artistic Developer at Intro in Situ and as the city composer of Meierijstad. Thanks to Impulsgelden I currently have the opportunity to transform my artistic practice to incorporate music and composition more permanently. Earlier, I wrote a swan song for all the Dutch air raid sirens and played around with matter and infinite sound. I'd be happy to disrupt your sensorial input for a while, if you're prepared to forget what you know.

Find an extended resumé here.

Photo by Boudewijn Bollmann