ⓒ 2011 - 2022

Starting in 2020, Provincie-Noord Brabant provided me with the opportunity to work as the first 'city composer' of Meierijstad! Very exciting and scary at times. And now finally, in the beginning of May we will present the piece Conversations with Friends, a musical discovery of special church organs in the municipality. The goal of my assignment as a city composer is stimulating a flourishing and lively music sector which is part of the community and which is led by music makers and composers.

In the middle of the lockdown I set about on various walks across Meierijstad to seek connection with residents, local cultural phenomena, heritage and stories. The possibilities for serendipitous exchange were quite limited at the time, but I managed to find some acquaintances. The saints Rita, Oda, Barbara and Cecilia were present everywhere from chapels to facades and on lamp post stickers. I became fascinated by locked church doors and developed an increasing curiosity about the beautiful organs hidden behind them: quiet like sleeping primal synthesizers.

For every sacred lady I wrote a theme with corresponding music. This new music will be performed on May 7th 2022 in four churches of Meierijstad. It is recommended to check out multiple performances to gain an understanding of the effect of different spaces, instruments and interpreters/performers.

Date & concert times:
May 7th, 2022 | 13:00 | 14:30 | 16:00

- Sint-Martinuskerk, St. Oedenrode. Organist: Bert Augustus
- Servatiuskerk, Schijndel. Organist: Anna Bujanovaite
- Lambertuskerk, Veghel. Organist: Rob Cornelissen
- Servatiuskerk, Erp. Organist: Marc Schippers

This project is kindly supported and made possible by Provincie Noord-Brabant & Phoenix Cultuur, and would not be possible without the trust of the local churches and organists. Thank you all.