ⓒ 2011 - 2022

Stadscomponist Meierijstad works in progress (2020 - now)

Since the autumn of 2020 I am working as 'Stadscomponist' (city composer) of Meierijstad. This is a very special working area as Meierijstad is a relatively new municipality. It consists of no less than thirteen villages with a rich culture; Veghel, St. Oedenrode and Schijndel being the largest among them.

As part of my research I paid visits to the entire municipality, walked in the woods, looked into all of the respective village histories and current cultural elements, lit a bunch of candles, got acquainted with the water(s) and infrastructures, ended up falling for a freight vessel and hung out among the pipes of church organs. You can read all about the initial phase of the project in the article I wrote for MEST Magazine (in Dutch).

I’m currently developing two projects as part of this process:

Compound Chorus
A small scale sound installation celebrating the workers who dug out the Zuid-Willemsvaart canal by hand 200 years ago as well as the people who supported them in this work. Sand, water, steel.
All sounds and compounds are present and resonate into the hull of a freight ship, making the ship itself sing in her own distinct frequency. Which is 139Hz! 

Compound Chorus was presented at the travelling exhibition Dat Wat Blijft, initiated and organised by artist Monique Broekman. (in Dutch).

Conversations: Friends, Air, Space, Resonance.
A large scale sonic event and concert incorporating several church organs around Meierijstad to be played simultaneously on a good day in the fall of 2021. The graphical scores are currently being prepared and focus thematically on four saints whom I met on my research trips through the villages. I’d like to introduce to you: Cecilia (patron of musicians), Oda (patron against blindness), Rita (patron of the impossible) and Barbara (patron of miners and tunnellers).

The music invites a dialog between the audience and patron and aims to establish a new relationship between the performers and their instrument, playing the organ and the space in different ways. Because all organs and all music are played at once, I am hoping to achieve a metaphysical resonance throughout the entirety of Meierijstad.

Details on the performance will follow in the next months!

Video support by c'montage - Timo de Kruijf.